Well, it’s another Saturday night. Instead of partying at a friend’s house or whatever typical teenagers do these days, I am sitting lazily in my pajamas, snuggled inside my blanket reading fanfiction.

Ever since I started frequently using the internet, I’ve been a big fanfiction lover. Whenever I finish watching a show or read a book, I instantly want to know every possible outcome that could’ve happened at the end, and so fanfiction is my best friend. If I particularly like a romantic pairing that never happened, I’d head on over to If I really like a character, I’d search up fanfiction that places that character in an alternate reality – high school being a very popular choice for many fanfic writers. I guess you see where this is going. Fanfiction is basically an extension of a show/movie/book that I really loved. I don’t want to face the reality that the story’s actually finished. I really get attached to fictional characters, so it’s hard to realize that you’re never going to see them again, unless you rewatch/reread the show/movie/book.

So that is why I find myself reading Hunger Games fanfics at 11:57 pm on a Saturday. I’ve just reread Mockingjay, and all my sentimental attachments to the story hit me hard. I honestly get so nostalgic over the littlest things, whether it be an OST track from a childhood video game, or a clip from a movie that I really loved and haven’t watched in a while. The thing is, I know exactly what happened at the end of Mockingjay, but I lament the fact that I can’t really change what’s canon. I don’t exactly love some of the things that Collins did, and I wish I could morph the story into exactly how I want it to be. Obviously I can’t, but that’s where my love for fanfiction and respect for fanfic writers come in play.

I can’t really say that all fanfics are amazing, because some are just downright terrible and I have to stop reading in the first paragraph. I guess the bad part about reading fanfiction on the internet is that the writers could be terrible at grammar/spelling/punctuation and that just makes it so much harder to read the fic, whether the story is amazing or not.

Possibly the worst thing about reading fanfics is that most of them aren’t finished. works in a chapter-based format, so the author would upload chapter by chapter. Often the author gives up on the story, and the readers are left hanging. This wouldn’t happen with a published book, of course. I don’t know about you but I die a little inside when as soon as I’m pulled into the author’s world, he/she ends with a big cliffhanger. You realize that it’s the last chapter that the author has wrote, look to the bar on the top of the page and it says that the author hasn’t updated the story ever since 2008. Basically, the author’s either forgot or abandoned the story. As soon as I realize that, my face contorts until it somewhat resembles the Rage Guy. But I exit the story, scroll down the page of potential fics to read, and eventually forget about the cliffhanger and also the entire story as well. It makes me a bit sad to say this, but I’ve read so many fanfics that I’ve simply just lost track of most of them. Only a select few really stick in my head, and I find myself going back to read those stories again and again.

I admire and resent the fact that anonymous writers on the internet can take a fully-developed story, and completely alter the characters, setting, theme, etc., shaping it into their own creation. I’ve always wanted to write my own fanfic, but haven’t found the will to do it yet (I’m very lazy as you guys know). The ideas that some fanfic writers come up with is really breathtaking, to be honest. There’s a few that I’ve really loved, and I’ll share them with you guys at the end of the post.

I’ve noticed that I tend to be attracted to specific genres, namely romance, angst, crime, and thriller. Most of the fanfics are generally romance, but with another sub-genre as well. My all time favourites were all romance/angst, and that’s just because I love really angsty romance fics where something really heart-wrenching happens and it tears the two lovers apart so that they never find happiness ever again. Wow, that’s depressing. But on the subject of angsty romance fics, there’s been a few that have actually moved me so much that I close the page window, take a moment to try and compose myself, and promptly burst out crying. It doesn’t take much to make me tear up, but still. I really hate it when people assume all of fanfiction to be just teenagers writing meaningless stories about Bella and Jacob because they didn’t get together in the end (oh no Twilight spoiler). Well, there’s a lot of fics that are like that, but there’s also a lot of fics that are works of art in my eyes. I know I’m not the best judge at good literature versus bad literature, but I genuinely think those fanfic authors are very decent writers and could pursue literature.

Onto some of the good Hunger Games fanfiction that I’ve found so far:

So this one is mostly about Finnick, a character that you’ll meet and fall in love with in the 2nd book. Unfortunately, this one has a lot of spoilers about the entire trilogy, so I’d advise you to stay away from this one if you don’t want to get spoiled.

This fic is a unique one, being that it has no characters from the books. The story is about the very first Hunger Games, and it has a very likeable main character – she’s an optimist. The end almost made me tear up, just a warning!

This one’s in the point of view of Clove, and if you don’t remember her, she was the District 2 girl tribute, partnered with Cato. Very much an antagonist, but you do really see her in a different light in this fic.

And these are some of the ones that I really liked! If you want to go read more, I’d recommend searching for the stories that are 60,000 words or more, being that they’re actually long stories and do get far into the plot. Hopefully you find your undying love of fanfiction too!

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