The Places We Should Have Gone


Today, I was watching a bunch of short movies from WongFu Productions. This particular one, called “The Places We Should Have Gone”, really stood out for me and I wanted to share it with you guys.

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Together We Are Strong


For the last few weeks, my quad has been hard at work on a Socials project. Not just a regular Socials project, though. A movie trailer detailing the events of British Columbia up until 1896!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brief Explanation: The scenes in colour are real-life things that happened during the time period that we were studying. Each one of the scenes shows a bit of what British Columbia had to go through to finally join Canada. The black and white scenes, depicting a man walking, is a metaphor for British Columbia having to go through all those obstacles (the colour scenes) in order to come to the very last scene, where a man exclaims that British Columbia is now Canadian. The very last sound you hear is a train, which represents the railroad – a big reason why British Columbia joined Canada.

And to clear up any confusing, the scenes with subtitles are supposed to mean that they’re talking in a different language.

Anyways, without further ado, here it is! “Together We Are Strong”, coming to theatres Summer 2011.


Jonathan Toews as The Walking Man in Black/White Scenes, McLoughin, Person Determining Border, Person Who Finds The First Gold Piece, The Son Who Wants To Go Up Cariboo Road, Douglas, Random White Gold Miner, Douglas Again, Pro-Confederation Person, and Musgrave.

Liam St. Louis as Random Man Standing At Other Side Of Border, Father Who Doesn’t Want His Son Going Up Cariboo, White Man Arguing with Aboriginals Over Land, Annexationist, and Helmcken.

Jennifer Allott as Woman Gossiping About Polk, Anti-Confederation Person

Veronica Wu
as Woman Listening To Woman Gossiping About Polk, Aboriginal Person Arguing And Making Deal With White Person.

All of us for working hard on the Google Doc of the script!
Us being completely on schedule in terms of filming
Getting most of the editing done in two days
Finishing the project early
Wise time managing!
Liam for historical accuracy
Liam’s voice for added dramatic effect
David’s amazing acting

Big argument about miscommunication about Google Doc tasks (we worked it out though)
Need to delegate tasks more thoroughly?


David, Clayton, Richard, Jason, Raiya, and Leanne for being our extras!
Mr. Udell for lending us their class’s video camera!
Andrew for lending us his USB!
The background track is “Requiem for a Dream”, and we claim no copyright to that.

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Best Song, Like, Ever.


Hey guys I’m back with another k-pop song to show you guys!

This one’s called “On Rainy Days”, by one of my fave boy bands – B2st. They’re pretty famous for having really amazing live performances (they’re all great singers) and a fantastic rapper too!

Anyways this song is hands down the best song I’ve ever listened to. I know I said that for Cafe, but this one totally blows Cafe out of the roof! I feel like crying after I listen to the song because it’s just that amazing *dramatically wipes away tear*.

The lyrics are really moving too, and I specifically found an english subbed video to show you guys!

Click it. You know you want to. And don’t even think like “oh it’s Veronica again with her stupid k-pop music…”. Honestly this is an amazing song and language shouldn’t be a factor in how good a song is. I don’t even know what the heck they’re saying and I’m completely in love with this song. NOW CLICK THE VIDEO. 🙂

Oh before I forget, there’s also an equally amazing song that got released around the same time as On Rainy Days. This one’s named Lonely and it’s sung by 2NE1, a girl group. It’s an acoustic piece (weird because it’s not their music style) but they pull it off really well. Take a look at the music video! You might have seen it as “Most Viewed Video” on the YouTube homepage for a few days – which really makes me happy to see just how many people love k-pop.

Here’s 2NE1’s “Lonely”!

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As you may or may not know, it’s my birthday today… and it’s been a blast so far! Here is a list of how it was so blastingly awesome:

1. I wake up, get dressed, wash my face, eat breakfast, and go to school. Wait… that kinda sounds like every other day in my life.

2. In Child Dev, I saw a baby come out of a… you know. Actually that’s not really something to brag about. Or reminisce over.

3. Oh, well, I sewed on the waistband of my skirt today! But I kinda messed up…

4. We had a science test today and I broke my all time record of worst mark ever! I legit failed a test! Hmm… also not something to brag about.

5. My ex-best friend forgot my birthday too! K that just sucks.

You see where this is going? Anyways today has been probably the most anticlimatic birthday I’ve ever had. It’s funny because everything that was supposed to be done on my birthday wasn’t done on my birthday this year. I got my birthday present last week, I had my birthday dinner yesterday night (AT THE KEG), I’m not taking my L test today, and I had a birthday outing a month before.

But my facebook wall posts totally make my day! I come home to see around 30 notifications, and then I click on my profile to see so many happy birthday wishes! They honestly make my day every year.

By the way you know what really pisses me off? When people write “happy birthday” or “Happy Birthday” or “hbd” without like smiley faces or hearts or squiggly lines on my wall. Like, come on. If you’re going to take the time to click on my facebook profile and wish me a happy birthday, at least have the decency to add a smiley face or something. Maybe I should respond with “thanks a-hole”? Nah, I don’t have the guts to do that… 😛 I’ll just say “thanks!” or something. Yeah, I won’t give YOU a happy face if you don’t give me one. See how you like that huh?

Oh, awkward. When I was writing the above paragraph my MORTAL enemy just posted on my wall “Happy Birthday”. Oh my god, this is so deja vu. Yesterday night I dreamed that my mortal enemy (let’s call her Magma because she makes my eyes burn with the rage of a thousand intermediate mass stars) showed up at my imaginary birthday party and acted all buddy-buddy with me. And I was like, “hey girl get yo face outta here cuz you ain’t a part of thisssss!” And then I woke up. But anyways, how should I respond, guys? It’d be bad if I just didn’t say anything…

Okay now this is kinda getting depressing, so why don’t I make a list of all the good things that happened on my birthday this year?

1. My birthday gift from Dad!

2. My dog slept on my bed for the first time ever! (by the way I’m looking at him across the room and he’s lying there waiting me to drink my chicken noodle soup so he can have a bit… so cute!)

3. The Keg giving me a free dessert for my birthday! (technically that was yesterday but it still counts)

4. Me sitting in a quad with my two besties, Liam and Jonathan – what’s funny is that Jonathan and I were just talking about how we were always the same quad in grade 9!

5. Socials movie! YAY!

6. My science test – now I have a story to tell my grandkids!

7. I really love that Teletoon show 6Teen, and now it actually applies to me! (except they’re much cooler)

8. My good friend that moved to Victoria texted me today saying happy birthday. I hadn’t seen her for so long and it was great to talk to her again!

Okay and that’s that! Hopefully I have something decent for dinner. My mom’s cooking sucks.

PS: I wrote “thanks!” to Magma. No smiley face or heart for her. >:)

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Mom Blog


For my Child Development class in block 1, part of our course is that we’ve got the infamous computer babies to take care of… and it’s my turn this weekend.

So I thought I’d do a little Mom Blog, diary entry style, for the 4 days that I’ll have my baby with me – Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday morning. I’ll update it with the time and just write a short paragraph of the goings-on of my experience as a new mom!

6:53 pm (Friday) –
K so the baby started crying at 5:54 pm and it’s been an hour of non-stop crying. Every time it’d stop crying, I’d sigh in relief and collapse onto my bed… only for the baby to start crying a minute later! So far I’ve had a couple of bottle feeding cries, lots of rocking, and one diaper change. And I think my mom’s taken a huge liking to the baby. She was just talking to it a couple of minutes ago… Anyways, the baby stopped around 10 minutes ago and I’m pretty sure it’s fallen asleep now. Thank the heavens for that, I don’t think I could take any more wailing!

9:15 pm (Friday) –
Just gone through another hour of grueling pain. Baby woke up at 8:17 and proceeded to scream its lungs off. Then, as soon as I finally got it to settle down, it started crying.. again. I ended up bottle feeding it 3 times, 10 minutes each time. 20 minutes ago, it started to quietly cry/whimper. I didn’t know what to do so I kinda just rocked it for a bit and just now, the baby finally fell asleep. I’m noticing a pattern of a 1:2 hour ratio for baby awake to baby asleep. I pray to the lords that the baby will sleep for most of the night. I am definitely not looking forward to a night of stress and no sleep. Guess who’s glad she finished most of her homework before this weekend?

10:35 am (Saturday) –
ALSKDJFLAWIEURO#$*@#($UEIJFASDCMMI was almost in tears. Well, it doesn’t help that I’m on an emotional roller coaster these days, but it’s safe to say that I was very stressed out. Every Saturday night my parents have this poker night with all their friends, and all of these people come to our house and stay until 12-1 in the morning. Oh, and they also bring their little kids. So last night, my house was a parade full of screaming adults, screaming children, and a screaming baby. Fun stuff. So after I finally got Baby to sleep, my mom saw how exhausted I was and offered to take care of the baby for the night (using the babysitter bracelet). Such a tempting offer, but it’s Mother’s Day! How can I let my mom not get any sleep and have to take care of a robo-baby during Mother’s Day? So obviously I refused. Well, I guess what goes around comes around, because the baby didn’t cry at all during the night! The first time it cried was at 7am, which isn’t too bad. Oh, I’m planning to take Baby out today for dinner with the family. I’m going to look like a total freak carrying a fake baby around.

One last thing! I’ve actually invented a self-bottle feeder that dangles from the handle of the carseat. It’s made out of 2 pipe cleaners and will hold the bottle in place while the baby eats! Actually holding the bottle myself was getting kinda tiring, so I decided to make that handy little contraption. Wow, I am such a genius 😉

10:22 pm (Sunday)
Okay it’s almost my bedtime. Anyways there’s not much to talk about, except Baby has been drinking a lot of milk. And I mean, A LOT. Ugh I cannot wait to get this over with. I am seriously reconsidering wanting to have children… All I need is a good night’s rest and I’ll be fine tomorrow. God knows what will happen tomorrow if I don’t get any sleep tonight :/. Oh and by the way, I have the worst dark eye circles ever and I’m getting spring allergies so my eyes are all bloodshot and my nose is puffy. So don’t look too scared when you see me tomorrow. Anyways I’m gonna go to bed now……………… SO TIRED.

7:36 am (Monday)
Wow I feel really bad. Okay so this is how it went down. I slept around 11, woke up around 12ish 1ish, baby started screaming, mom ran in, I was as disoriented as heck. And I guess my mom kinda knew that I was out of it, so she told me that she would take the baby that night. Well, I was super tired so I agreed. But there’s this logbook that we had to do, and my mom wrote down the hours that she was taking care of the baby for. I took a peek and turns out that she basically only got 4 hours of sleep. Baby cried at 1:30am, slept until 5, and just non-stop cried until 7, when we all got up. Actually I still feel out of it so this entry might not make any sense. Ugggggggh I’m tired. Oh well, I’ll make it up to my mom somehow.

Oh, but there’s two things I’ve learned from all of this.

1. Respect your mom
2. I will never ever have children

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Last in-depth post!


So, it’s finally almost time for in-depth night, THE biggest thing in TALONS after the Adventure Trip.

…and I am very nervous.

Okay so I asked a couple of you guys on Facebook a week ago about song suggestions, and yes, I changed the song that I’ll be singing. I told you guys I was singing “It Hurts” a while back, but now I’ve decided that I’m going to sing “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars. It’s a really nice song and the vocal level really suits me.

But, um, there might be a couple of lyrics I need to change… Haha if you’ve heard the song you know what I’m talking about!

Anyways, let’s talk about the who what when where why’s of my in-depth presentation.

Who? Well… me. And I’m planning on having some volunteers be my backup dancers like in the music video! Oh by the way, if you’re doing guitar for in-depth, do you wanna do a double stage? I don’t think it’s too hard to play on the guitar…

What? I’ll be singing The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars.

When? In-depth night!

Where? On the stage 😛

Why? Because I love the song!

Unfortunately, I get really awkward when I sing in front of people. But what’s weird is that if I’m at karaoke, I just sing my heart out – it doesn’t really matter who’s there. Maybe that’s because everyone’s looking at the screen and not me? Oh well, I’ll just pretend I’m at karaoke with all of you guys!

Here’s the music video, it’s so adorable!

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So we had our math test today, and I unfortunately did not do as well as I could’ve.

Fighting the urge to either burst out crying or die in a hole (like some Math Honours students would), I instead had an amazing time shopping with my mom at the mall! I know, what a happy ending to a bit of a depressing story.

But when I got home, I kinda realized something. I feel like I “cheated” the cycle of typical Asian Math H student behavior when it comes to less-than-stellar test results. All I did was buy a few things, and I feel so much better now! I know some people who would be down all day because of a test, and honestly, I used to be the same.

I have a lot of friends who were in the Math 10 Honours class last semester, and I’ve heard that the class is very competitive in terms of grades. Now, competition is something I secretly enjoy, but not if I’m dead last. I’ve heard of people sobbing when they get below a 90 percent, people sobbing if they just got one question wrong, and just “crazy” stuff like that. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really glad that I’m not in a class like that. Honestly, if people are crying about, say, an 87%… What the heck does that make me?

It’s funny because I used to be really uptight about grades too. I remember in grade 7, my teacher showed me my letter grades ahead of time. My eyes glided over the page, and stopped at the lone B right in the middle. “FRENCH?” I yelled in my head. “I GOT A B IN… FRENCH?” I pursed my lips and tears started welling in my eyes. Saying a quick thanks to my teacher and rushing out of the room, I found myself in the girls’ washroom sobbing hysterically. Thinking of it now is such an embarrassment, but at the time I was honestly devastated.

I guess it got better in grade 8, because I once got 59% on a math test that year. *cue Math Honours kid gasp*. I know, I know. It’s not something to be proud of, but it’s a personal record! I kinda just looked at the mark in shock, nervously laughed, and went on with my life. All’s well that ends well, though, because on the next test I got a hundred percent on it… Which boosted me up to an A!

I may or may not have told you guys, but I switched from Pre-Calc Honours to the regular Pre-Calc. Why? Competition. I know for a fact that there are some near-genius level people who are gonna be in that class, and I just can’t do it. I can’t even dream about being on the same level as those people. Okay, you might think I’m being too harsh on myself… but I know my limits! I don’t want to say that I’m taking the easy way out. I just think I’m doing what’s best for me, and my math capabilities.

And the worst thing is that I have the worst self confidence ever. I’ve made my test result expectations so that I’d be happy if I could just get an 86%, ecstatic if I can get a 90%. If I told that to my non-Talons Math Honours friends, they’d probably go into shock (haha First Aid reference there). So if I was in Pre-Calc H, I can just imagine me standing by myself in a dark corner while my classmates are excitedly discussing the math test, like “Oh my god, I got 99%! Really, you suck! I got 100%! No, well I got the bonus question, so I’m the best!” Or something along the lines of that. Okay… I’m exaggerating. But what I’m trying to say is that I’m scared of being… the “worst” in the class. My morale would drop, and would keep dropping with every test that I do bad on. Whereas in the regular math class, I’ve got more of a “fighting chance” – if you wanna put it that way.

I really wish that I wasn’t so influenced by my peers, but I seriously am. I’m jealous of people who are just… so chill about everything. It’s not like I have a stick up my bum but I’m pretty uptight when it comes to grades – I just try not to show it because it’s a really ugly side of me.

With that said, I’m going to use this experience as extreme motivation for the upcoming provincial. Hopefully all’s well that ends well! And I love our math class because we’re so supportive of each other and we totally aren’t over-competitive :’)

By the way, retail therapy is amazing. You should all try it! I’m twice as happier now as I was before the test 😀 So if my happy now was x, and my happy before was y… it would be x = 2y!

Sorry……… I just had to.

The infamous love triangle told in a different light (Please mark this, Mr. J!)


Let’s take a look at one of the most important plot elements of the Hunger Games Trilogy – the relationships that are Katniss/Peeta, and Katniss/Gale.

Background on Katniss and Peeta:
Supposedly in love with Katniss since the day he saw her, Peeta’s had one goal during the entire Hunger Games ordeal – to protect Katniss. It’s quite obvious that he’s very much in love with her, especially during that intimate moment during the Games, where Katniss and Peeta are sheltered in the cave. We find out that Peeta’s played a big part in helping Katniss out when her father died, and yes, that is where he truthfully confesses his undying love for his fellow District 12 tribute, completely disregarding the cameras that may be watching them. Well, Katniss instigates a kiss between them that was quickly followed by a parachute, delivering food for the two of them. Unfortunately for Peeta, basically everything that Katniss did with him during the Hunger Games was purely for show, and she makes that obvious at the very end of the book.

So is Peeta just a lovesick fool? Katniss may not be completely in love with him during the book, but that’s not denying that she doesn’t have slight feelings for him. If I am understanding Katniss correctly, I think that she definitely does care for Peeta. After the announcement that both tributes from the same district would be allowed to win the Games, Katniss specifically goes looking for Peeta – with the intention of bringing both of them back to District 12. Now how do I know that it’s not just a “fellow tribute” type of relationship? I had my doubts, up to the point where Peeta was dying of blood poisoning. Despite his pleas, Katniss knocked Peeta out and ran right into critical danger to try and find something that would cure Peeta. Thankfully for Katniss, she did manage to find the medicine. However, just her act alone proves that their relationship is deeper than a simple District 12 bond.

Background on Gale and Katniss
Best friends, trying to survive a world of poverty with each other’s friendship, encouragement, and help. But the question is, does that also include love?

Gale and Katniss actually go way back. She met him in the forest, while hunting for food. Ever since then, they’ve teamed up to bring food back to both their families, growing closer and closer together as the years went by. It also helps that their family situations are almost exactly the same, they both play the main role in feeding their family, and their fathers both died in the mine accident a few years ago. Their relationship is really developed at the start of the book, and Katniss acknowledges Gale as “the only person with whom I can be myself”.

During the book, Gale’s mostly referred to in flashbacks and in Katniss’s thoughts. Whenever she does think of him, it’s always in a rather fond way. By having Katniss think about her handsome lover (exaggeration) back home in District 12, the author is showing the readers that Katniss isn’t just the moody and pessimistic character that everyone thinks she is. She definitely has feelings for him, but chooses to suppress them. During the Games, Katniss worries about her relationship with Gale changing, after all her affectionate moments with Peeta broadcasted throughout Panem. Also, sorry to bring it to the 2nd book, but she says something the lines of, “I would’ve married Gale if the Games hadn’t happened”. So clearly, Katniss knows that they are really compatible. I don’t think she realizes that the feelings are mutual in the first book, but it is so darn obvious that Gale’s a die-hard for Katniss.

So that wraps it up for the background information, and we’ll use that for the next question that I’d like you guys to think about. Who will Katniss choose in the end, Peeta or Gale… Or neither?

I can’t help comparing what I have with Gale to what I’m pretending to have with Peeta. How I never question Gale’s motives while I do nothing but doubt the latter’s. It’s not a fair comparison really. Gale and I were thrown together by a mutual need to survive. Peeta and I know the other’s survival means our own death. How do you sidestep that?
– Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games

Katniss acknowledges the fact that Peeta and Gale are so different in personality, character, class, background. Even their looks serve as a contrast to one another.

I wonder what Gale made of the incident for a moment then I push the whole thing out of my mind because for some reason Gale and Peeta do not coexist well enough in my thoughts.
– Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games

From this quote we have here, Katniss obviously cannot “see” those two in the same light. Peeta represents change, and Gale represents her life before the Hunger Games. She thinks of her relationship with Peeta as completely separate from her relationship with Gale, and she wouldn’t know what to do if they are ever both in her life at the same time. She’s already convinced herself to keep both those lives separate from one another.

Katniss is a very headstrong person (read my character analysis of her). Gale is very similar to her, very rebellious in nature. But Peeta is gentle, loving, and easygoing – clearly a character contrast of both Katniss and Gale.

So who’s better for Katniss? Someone who is very much like her, fueled with hatred for the Capitol, or someone who balances her harsh personality out, reassuring her that even with their losses, life can go on?

I’m obviously Team Peeta, but I’ll let you come to a conclusion on your own.

Katniss will pick whoever she thinks she can’t survive without.
– Gale Hawthorne, Mockingjay



Well, it’s another Saturday night. Instead of partying at a friend’s house or whatever typical teenagers do these days, I am sitting lazily in my pajamas, snuggled inside my blanket reading fanfiction.

Ever since I started frequently using the internet, I’ve been a big fanfiction lover. Whenever I finish watching a show or read a book, I instantly want to know every possible outcome that could’ve happened at the end, and so fanfiction is my best friend. If I particularly like a romantic pairing that never happened, I’d head on over to If I really like a character, I’d search up fanfiction that places that character in an alternate reality – high school being a very popular choice for many fanfic writers. I guess you see where this is going. Fanfiction is basically an extension of a show/movie/book that I really loved. I don’t want to face the reality that the story’s actually finished. I really get attached to fictional characters, so it’s hard to realize that you’re never going to see them again, unless you rewatch/reread the show/movie/book.

So that is why I find myself reading Hunger Games fanfics at 11:57 pm on a Saturday. I’ve just reread Mockingjay, and all my sentimental attachments to the story hit me hard. I honestly get so nostalgic over the littlest things, whether it be an OST track from a childhood video game, or a clip from a movie that I really loved and haven’t watched in a while. The thing is, I know exactly what happened at the end of Mockingjay, but I lament the fact that I can’t really change what’s canon. I don’t exactly love some of the things that Collins did, and I wish I could morph the story into exactly how I want it to be. Obviously I can’t, but that’s where my love for fanfiction and respect for fanfic writers come in play.

I can’t really say that all fanfics are amazing, because some are just downright terrible and I have to stop reading in the first paragraph. I guess the bad part about reading fanfiction on the internet is that the writers could be terrible at grammar/spelling/punctuation and that just makes it so much harder to read the fic, whether the story is amazing or not.

Possibly the worst thing about reading fanfics is that most of them aren’t finished. works in a chapter-based format, so the author would upload chapter by chapter. Often the author gives up on the story, and the readers are left hanging. This wouldn’t happen with a published book, of course. I don’t know about you but I die a little inside when as soon as I’m pulled into the author’s world, he/she ends with a big cliffhanger. You realize that it’s the last chapter that the author has wrote, look to the bar on the top of the page and it says that the author hasn’t updated the story ever since 2008. Basically, the author’s either forgot or abandoned the story. As soon as I realize that, my face contorts until it somewhat resembles the Rage Guy. But I exit the story, scroll down the page of potential fics to read, and eventually forget about the cliffhanger and also the entire story as well. It makes me a bit sad to say this, but I’ve read so many fanfics that I’ve simply just lost track of most of them. Only a select few really stick in my head, and I find myself going back to read those stories again and again.

I admire and resent the fact that anonymous writers on the internet can take a fully-developed story, and completely alter the characters, setting, theme, etc., shaping it into their own creation. I’ve always wanted to write my own fanfic, but haven’t found the will to do it yet (I’m very lazy as you guys know). The ideas that some fanfic writers come up with is really breathtaking, to be honest. There’s a few that I’ve really loved, and I’ll share them with you guys at the end of the post.

I’ve noticed that I tend to be attracted to specific genres, namely romance, angst, crime, and thriller. Most of the fanfics are generally romance, but with another sub-genre as well. My all time favourites were all romance/angst, and that’s just because I love really angsty romance fics where something really heart-wrenching happens and it tears the two lovers apart so that they never find happiness ever again. Wow, that’s depressing. But on the subject of angsty romance fics, there’s been a few that have actually moved me so much that I close the page window, take a moment to try and compose myself, and promptly burst out crying. It doesn’t take much to make me tear up, but still. I really hate it when people assume all of fanfiction to be just teenagers writing meaningless stories about Bella and Jacob because they didn’t get together in the end (oh no Twilight spoiler). Well, there’s a lot of fics that are like that, but there’s also a lot of fics that are works of art in my eyes. I know I’m not the best judge at good literature versus bad literature, but I genuinely think those fanfic authors are very decent writers and could pursue literature.

Onto some of the good Hunger Games fanfiction that I’ve found so far:

So this one is mostly about Finnick, a character that you’ll meet and fall in love with in the 2nd book. Unfortunately, this one has a lot of spoilers about the entire trilogy, so I’d advise you to stay away from this one if you don’t want to get spoiled.

This fic is a unique one, being that it has no characters from the books. The story is about the very first Hunger Games, and it has a very likeable main character – she’s an optimist. The end almost made me tear up, just a warning!

This one’s in the point of view of Clove, and if you don’t remember her, she was the District 2 girl tribute, partnered with Cato. Very much an antagonist, but you do really see her in a different light in this fic.

And these are some of the ones that I really liked! If you want to go read more, I’d recommend searching for the stories that are 60,000 words or more, being that they’re actually long stories and do get far into the plot. Hopefully you find your undying love of fanfiction too!

In-depth…. 7? (lost count)


Another unsuccessful blog post, because when I went to record my lesson, my darn phone was out of battery! 🙁 So I tried improvising using my mom’s iPhone to record, but apparently hers is like the crappiest recording thing ever because it would not play back and deleted my entire recorded lesson.

So I’ll briefly go over what I did in last week’s lesson, and I’ll tell you guys my woes of trying to find a suitable song to sing at in-depth night (which by the way I’m still not sure if I’m gonna do it or not).

Basically, my mentor and I spent around 20 minutes warming up as usual (same scales and exercises), and then we started practicing the song I’m working on, which I told you guys about in the 5th in-depth blog post. Well, I’ve been having a bit of trouble making my voice not “airy/breathy”, but Dorina assured me that it’s normal with every novice singer. I’ve been practicing like crazy at home, which is very difficult to do because my room is right next to my mom’s and she’s always barging in and then I shut myself up because it is very embarrassing. (lol runon sentence there).

ANYWAYS, let’s talk about my song for in-depth night. I think I will be singing there, but I have a plan B for just in case I chicken out at the last second. So I was having lots of trouble finding a suitable song for me. In fact, I had so much trouble that I almost decided on singing my “last resort” song, Baby by Justin Bieber. Yeah I know. The thing is, I don’t want to sing like an opera song, but I don’t want to sing something like Black Eyed Peas or anything. And it’s harder because I don’t listen to white music. At all.

So I kinda started freaking out last week, because I still had no idea what I was going to see. But then it hit me. I was listening at some k-pop songs that I liked, and then I got a brilliant idea. Why don’t I just sing a k-pop song with english lyrics? Oh, I am such a genius. I basically listened to my entire iTunes playlist (not that much, honestly), and I found a great song that’s not too casual and not too opera-ish!

This is the Korean version! I’ll search up some english lyrics and just use those for in-depth night. And the great thing is that the song is sung by my, like, favourite girl group EVER. I’ve been practicing a bit in my washroom, and I sound soo awkward but it’s okay. Oh and I’m gonna be cutting the song off after the second chorus because the bridge is soooo high and I’d kill people if I ever tried singing it.

That concludes my 7th in-depth blog post! I have a lesson next Saturday so I’ll probably be blogging again right after I get back from my lesson (hopefully the recording works).

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